Fiber Optic Broadband


Abundant Gigabit Broadband Service Available in Union County

Union County is part of the North Georgia Network project, a fiber optic ring that brings gigabit broadband speeds, reliability, affordability and abundant interconnection points to business, schools, healthcare facilities, government offices, and residences.

The 260-mile broadband ring from Atlanta north through the Georgia mountains, and including Union County, is the backbone of a $42-million fiber optic network that branches off into 1,000 miles or more of end-user connections.

The North Georgia Network project is a member-owned cooperative that:

  • Delivers broadband access to 245 community anchor institutions through a drect connection to the middle mile network, and last mile service to approximately 24,000 households in previously inaccessible and unaffordable area.
  • Maintain an open network for independent service providers to interconnect with and build out their own fiver-optic services to end user.
  • Stimulates the demand for broadband, and creates a technology-based economy and new jobs in the area.

Companies looking to relocate to Union County and that need the lates broadband technologies and fast Internet connections will find Union County's gigabit service availability and affordability yet another reason to do business in Union County.