Key Industries


   Union County’s pro-business, low-tax climate, a talented and available labor pool and an unparalleled quality of life make Union County a great place to do business. Union County has a strong history of successful manufacturing and business concerns that form a diverse economic base concentrated in the manufacturing & industry, hospitality & tourism, retail, real estate, healthcare and financial services sectors. Union County’s manufacturers include national and international companies engaged in areas ranging from traditional machining and metal fabrication to high-tech bio-engineering, while the hundreds of thousands of visitors to the county each year help support a robust tourism and hospitality sector of the local economy.  
    While the Union County Development Authority actively recruits new business and industry to the community, it is equally focused on helping our existing industries remain competitive, profitable and growing. The Authority’s existing industry program includes regular and personal attention from its staff and also draws on a host of invaluable technical and financial resources from our regional, state and federal allies to serve our businesses’ various needs.

Top Non-Manufacturing Employers for the Union County area:

Top Manufacturing Employers for the Union County area:

For a profile on all Union County businesses by industry sector, including type of firm, number of firms, number of employees, and percentage of the overall industry mix, visit the Georgia Department of Labor website.