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Welcome to Union County, Georgia


   Welcome to the online home of the Union County, Georgia Development Authority!  Thank you for taking the time to explore our website.  Here you will find answers to your questions about who and where we are, the way we live, and why you could find our area perfect for locating or expanding your business in this fast-growing, resource-rich county in Georgia.  In addition to highlighting the many hard and tangible assets that Union County offers to businesses contemplating expansion opportunities, we hope that our site also serves to color your impression of the rich history, culture and unique lifestyle amenities that are so characteristic of our area.

   Use this site to discover more about our demographics, location, transportation, our quality of life, workforce and training opportunities, the key industries that proudly call us their home, and incentives for you to set up shop in our area.  Businesses love our high quality labor force, solid infrastructure, access to the South's largest metropolitan area, and low cost of doing business.
  Even better, Union County is part of a 260-mile fiber optic broadband ring from Atlanta through the Georgia mountains. Companies looking to relocate and/or expand will find Union County's gigabit service availability yet another reason to do business in Union County.


About the Authority

   The Union County Development Authority serves as the primary economic development agency for Blairsville, Suches and Union County, Georgia.  The mission of the Authority is to positively impact our community by facilitating quality development that results in new job opportunities and capital investment.  To fulfill this responsibility, the UCDA Board of Directors and staff:  
        • encourage and assist the growth of existing businesses;
        • attract new businesses and industries;
        • advance the economic, cultural and civic goals of our community; and
        •  promote the general welfare of all of our citizens.

For additional information on UCDA, please follow the links for Driving Directions and Board Membership and Staff.  

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